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Struggling with Headaches or Migraines?

headaches and migraines

Are you suffering from Headaches and Migraines in Denver, Aurora or Lakewood Colorado? Natural solutions may just be minutes from you. Headaches and migraines are quite common. In fact according to the Migraine Research Foundation, 36 million people suffer from migraines, in the United States alone! That is about 1 in 4 U.S. households…and that’s just migraines. There are many different types of headaches and most of us, including yours truly has suffered from headaches at one time or another.

Headaches come in many different forms. Here is a quick run down.

  • Tension Headaches– pain from muscle spasms and contractions. These are most common and often brought on by stress. Pain is at the temples, back of the head and can be pounding to constant.
  • Migraines– These are the big mystery to the medical community and debate still rages on what causes migraines. Most theories center around blood vessels. Migraine headaches can cause a pounding and hammering type of pain like the beat of a relentless drum. The pain may be accompanied by dizziness, vision disturbances (blurred vision or halos around lights), stomach discomfort and even fever.
  • Mixed Headache Syndrome– just when you thought it could not get any worse, migraines and tension headaches can combine and become the Mixed Headache syndrome. Take all the nastiness of both headaches and you have this miserable concoction.
  • Sinus Headaches– just as the name suggests, pain is in your sinus region (your face including cheekbones, nose and forehead). Moving your head around makes things worse and you may notice discharge, fever and swelling in your face.
  • Cluster Headaches– The most PAINFUL! Luckily its also the least common. You may describe your pain from sharp to burning and from throbbing to constant. One thing is clear, you will have immense pain. Your headaches will come in groups or “clusters”, attacking you for days, weeks or months and suddenly disappearing for a time.

Headache Solutions

Headaches are well…. a headache for many and unbearable for some. So what is a headache sufferer to do? The traditional, medical way is to take drugs. There are multiple drugs for any of the headaches listed above. Some people think that drugs are the only solution. This is because they have not tried anything else. Did you know there are safer, more permanent (and in some cases) more effective solutions to headaches?

Think about it. Is your headache coming from a lack of Ibuprofen, Naproxin, Acetaminophen (or numerous other chemicals) in your blood stream? Can there be another cause other than a lack of drugs and chemicals floating in your blood stream?

At Aim High Chiropractic, we recognize that everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) has the potential to break free from any type of pain, including headaches.

The Aim High Way

Headache evaluation at Aim High includes a thorough case history and examination. Pictures of your spine may be taken to see the alignment in your spine. From there we organize a plan of recovery for you. Lets look at ALL the possibilities of what is causing your headaches and take all the natural approaches to get to the root of your problem. How? The Aim High way is designed to look at the body in three ways: Physical, Chemical and Mental.

Physical Causes of Your Headaches

Your headaches may come from a physical cause such as past injuries from a car accident or sports. Unresolved whiplash auto injuries may be a cause of your headaches and migraines. Also your posture while standing, sitting and sleeping may contribute to your headaches. Are you in shape and workout regularly? Healthy, active individuals experience less headaches. Are your joints and muscles in proper alignment?

Chemical Causes of Your Headaches

There may be something toxic in your environment that triggers your headaches. Substances entering your body through your mouth, nose, eyes and skin may be the cause or at least contribute to your suffering. Is there something you are eating, drinking, breathing in or putting on your skin that may contribute to your headaches? It may be as simple as the perfume you are wearing that causes your headaches. Are you getting the proper nutrients and hydration? Missing just cause will result in your headaches and poor health.

Mental Causes of Your Headaches

Do you know how to reduce the stress in your body? Stress buildup is a major cause or contributor of any disease including headaches. Do you even know when you are stressed?

The answer to your headaches and migraines are more than likely going to be a combination of the above factors. It is rarely just one thing that is causing your headaches. Only a thorough evaluation will get to the root of your headache problems. Listen to what a patient has to say:

“For 20 years I went to bed with pain and got up with pain. (I had pain all over my body) and real bad headaches. I have been to several doctors and they would all give me pain pills. I would take fifteen pills a day, seven days a week. …After one week of treatment here, for the first time in 20 years, I have no pain whatsoever. …Now I feel like a new person.” –Ron H. Jefferson, Colorado

There you have it. Please call our office and we would love to help you. Thank you.

Dr Conrad Bui, DC, ND

I use to suffer from headaches as a teenager. My problem was I was dehydrated, stressed and had misalignments in my spine. After I took care of these problems…no more headaches! I am so happy.

For informational purposes only. This article is for information and not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner with any questions and before starting any treatment.

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