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Meet The Staff At Aim High Chiropractic

Chiropractor Alvin Padua D.C.

I was born and raised in Southern California and attended the University of California, San Diego to earn my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Bioengineering. With this degree, I was working in the Biotechnology industry, but was feeling unfulfilled. I always had an interest in the health care field and an inclination for helping people and thus sought a career change.

During this transition period, I was introduced to Chiropractic by a friend and witnessed, first-hand, its amazing results. Its philosophy and its natural method of treatment fascinated me. Thus, I went on to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic at at our Aurora Chiropractic office, I offer a natural method of health care that focuses on treating the cause of physical problems, rather than just the symptoms by examining the relationship between body structure and function. Chiropractic care helps to optimize the human body’s inherent healing abilities by using effective treatment methods directed at the neuromusculoskeletal system.

I specialize in the Diversified, Thompson, and Activator techniques. I treat patients suffering from auto accidents, sports injuries, head injuries, whiplash, headaches, and much more.

It is my priority to deliver the best care possible, so please allow me to help you discover true health and wellness through Chiropractic. I also perform physical examinations (DOT exams) for those seeking a commercial driver’s license or for those wishing to renew their license.

Out of the office, I enjoy spending time with my twin son and daughter, hiking, scuba diving, watching sports, and being active.

Chiropractor Conrad Bui D.C.

Chiropractor Denver CO Conrad Bui and StaffAim High Chiropractic - Denver opened in 1995 and during this time we have helped thousands just like you feel better and improve their quality of life. I love the feeling I get when I help someone regain their health. To me, that is the best part of being a doctor. In the 1980’s I saw the tremendous benefits of Chiropractic when my mom was involved in a car accident. From the accident she developed headaches and dizziness. It eventually became so severe that she quit her job. She went to so many doctors to seek relief. The only thing that helped her was a Chiropractor. I was in my pre-med program and quickly switched over to become a chiropractor after seeing her great results. Best decision I ever made! I graduated with my doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1994 from Palmer West College of Chiropractic. I specialize in treating patients who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions or accidents . I am Colorado state-certified in Acupuncture, Auto Collision Injury Certified, and received my Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health. I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programing from American Union of NLP, and in my free time I teach Chi Kung and martial arts. The back doctors here are great and everyone here takes pride in their work. Come in and we can help you as well. Thank you.

Chiropractor Drew Peterson D.C.

Hello! I am originally from Stony Brook, New York. I graduated as a cadet captain from Staunton Military Academy in Virginia. I graduated Franklin Pierce University, NH in 1973 with a bachelor's degree in marine biology and archeology with 2 National Science Foundation Grants awarded. I attended the University of Vermont, studied agriculture, and moved to Colorado Springs in 1973 as a NASA research associate.

I graduated Western States Chiropractic University, OR in 2001. I moved to Santa Cruz, CA for 6 years to practice chiropractic in 1980. I began performing acupuncture in 1992.

I instructed physiology and medical terminology I,II, as an adjunct, for the Indian River University Nursing School the next 11 years. I instructed anatomy and graduated from the Han Tang School of Acupuncture. I integrated acupuncture and herbal medicine practice into my chiropractic practice and became the associate editor and staff writer for the California Journal of Oriental Medicine's 15,000 subscribers.

I treated Olympians Mike"Gebe" Hardt, two time windsurfing medalist and other team members, seven times US champion cross country bicyclist Lawrence Malone, Mets second baseman Jose Rejas and actors like Kelly McGillis, and Charles Durning.

I completed 400 hrs of Shao Lin Kung Fu with Dr. Wen Chi Huang and completed 700 hours of Chen Man Cheng yang style Tai Chi with Sifu Charlie Chen and 400 hours of Blue Dragon Sword and Shao Lin Long Form Kung Fu. Certified in SCUBA by 1972, I contracted part time as a Treasure Salver for Mel Fisher, the discoverer of the 300 million dollar wreck, the "Atocha".

I learned Gonstead chiropractic Technique from Dr. Gonstead and Sacral Occipital Technique from Dr. Major DeJearnett.

I was a collegiate tennis player, soccer player, a competitive and professional snow skier, martial artist and professional diver. I know how an injury can keep you away from the things you love.

Let my thirty years of chiropractic experience in Lakewood help you get through the pain of your automobile injury and help you become strong again. Thank you!

Chiropractor Michael Dutton D.C.

While attending undergraduate school and studying pre-med at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS, I visited the office of a family friend who was a chiropractor. The glowing testimonials of the patients in his office completely changed my career path and led me to chiropractic school. Since graduating in 2006, I have practiced in Georgia, Peru, and Colorado. My wife is a native Coloradoan, and we moved here in 2015 to be closer to her family, and to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer!

Shortly after graduating from chiropractic school, I had the misfortune of being struck head-on by a drunk driver. The chiropractic care I received helped me recover from all of the injuries I suffered, including nerve damage in my leg! That was the moment I became passionate about helping people recover from crashes. After that life-changing moment, I started to receive additional training in that field, so that I could better help all of my patients. I began to learn that even seemingly "minor" car wrecks could cause lasting damage if left untreated. That is why it is important to make Aim High Chiropractic - Wheat Ridge your first call if you are ever in a crash!

Chiropractor Stephanie Torres D.C.

I’m originally from Puerto Rico and graduated from Life University Chiropractic School. As a chiropractor in Denver, I think differently about health and healing. I believe that the potential for healing is in every person and therefore my focus is on the person instead of the symptoms.

Your body has an amazing inborn intelligence, and we/chiropractors believe that the power that made the body is capable of healing the body as long as that inborn intelligence is fully expressed. The primary way to allow optimum expression of that intelligence is by maximizing the flow of Life Force throughout the body by removing the interference in the nervous system. This is my focus, to restore and maintain the neurological connections within your body.

The way to achieve this is through specific Chiropractic adjustments. I specialize in different techniques to better help all types of people so If You Are Ready To Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands, We Are Here To Give You The Exceptional Chiropractic Experience.

Supporting Staff

Victor Bui - Co-Founder and Manager

Victor is passionate about chiropractic care and wellness solutions that offer a natural approach to healing. He co-founded Aim High Chiropractic in 1996 with his brother, Dr. Bui, with the vision of supporting as many people as possible with their auto accident and chiropractic needs. Victor has a professional background in administration and human resources.

In 1992, Victor Bui graduated with a Degree in Administration and Human Resources Management. One year later, he completed his Master in Business Management at the University of Colorado at Denver. Throughout his college education, he was excellent in many leadership positions including: President of the Vietnamese Student Association, Senator and Legislator for CU’s Student Government, and he was on the Asian Advisory Board for Denver Public Schools. For his dedication, he was awarded the Outstanding Graduate from the College of Business in 1992 and a Dean’s scholarship from his business school in 1993.

Ha Nguyen - Lead Chiropractic Assistant

Ha was born and raised in Vietnam, where she graduated from Hue University-Vietnam in 1998, pursuing her Accounting major at Metro University of Denver. She has been at Aim High Chiropractic for 11 years and is passionate about patient care.

Ha manages many aspects of the clinic including patient care, insurance billing and administration, and working with insurance carriers and vendors. As a billing administrator and a chiropractic assistant she loves to help her auto accident injury patients with paper work, so they can stay focused on healing. She is bilingual in Vietnamese and English and she enjoys working here because Aim High has become like a family to her.

Lily Rodriguez - Massage Therapist

Lily is an exceptional massage therapist. She has been with the Aim High Chiropractic team since 2006. Thousands of patients have benefited from Lily’s intuitive touch, which is why her patient following is so strong. She specializes in Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep T issue, Lymphatic Massage, Cold and Hot Stone Therapy, Swedish Massage, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Lily was drawn to massage at 12 years old. On her leisure time, she would find herself massaging her family members. As an adult, Lily followed her calling and graduated from Kaplan College Massage School in Denver in 2004. Since then, she has worked with a diverse range of patients from the elderly to newborn babies, cancer patients, quadriplegics, weight lifting champions, and famous athletes. She also treats patients with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and other degenerative conditions.

Lily truly cares about her patients’ well-being and always makes herself available to the local Denver and Aurora community.

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