10 Questions To Ask Your Chiropractor In Denver


Brought to you by the offices of Aim High Chiropractic in DenverAurora, Wheat Ridge, this Questionnaire Guide is designed to help you choose the right chiropractic care. We are sharing insider secrets with you that some Doctors of Chiropractic may not want you to know including: the ten most important questions you must ask before agreeing to receive care from any doctor or chiropractic clinic.

Get the care and attention you deserve by taking advantage of these tips and advice, provided by you by the quality, professional doctors at Aim High Chiropractic!

1. What techniques do you practice?

Some chiropractors are only proficient in one single technique. The problem with this is not every condition that chiropractic care can help responds to just one technique. You need to know that there are many wonderful chiropractic techniques that can be used to successfully treat and relieve your specific condition. For example, at Aim High Chiropractic, our skillful doctors have training in many different types of techniques and use them according to our patient’s specific condition. We have many natural ways to relieve your pain and restore your optimal range of motion, flexibility, and function – without the use of drugs, medication, or surgery!

2. Do you take x-rays when necessary?

Be sure to seek a chiropractor who takes X-rays to rule out fractures or a gross pathology (English translation – some other serious problem) as indicated by the consultation, health history, and examination. X-rays help us determine the health of your joints and discs, gives us an estimate of how long it will take before you improve, as well as what specific chiropractic techniques will likely be the most effective for you. Caring for a patient without X-rays is like flying in the dark without radar: it’s dangerous if you don’t know where you are going. There are some life-and-death conditions that can first express themselves with back, neck, or bone pain. If the doctor you’re consulting with doesn’t take X-rays BEFORE recommending treatment, then you should probably consider talking to another doctor who can provide you with the care and treatment you need and deserve.

3. Will you give me your recommendations in writing?

This is very important: Recommendations in writing allow you to go home and think about your options before making a decision. It also gives you an explanation up front of what the care will consist of, how long it will last, and how much it will cost. It’s important that you’re provided with all the information you need to know in order to make an important decision regarding your personal health.

4. Can you provide me with references?

Ask for five references. Three of these references should be current patients, and the other two should be other chiropractors. There are three reasons for getting patient and professional references: First, any person in practice should have at least three satisfied patients they can provide you with as a reflection of the quality of their care and service. Second, if a chiropractic doctor cannot produce two other professionals that will attest to his or her ability as a chiropractor, he or she may not be respected by his or her peers. Feel free to call the references you receive. Many people ask for references, but never check them! Call all five people, because you can never learn too much about the person you are considering for your chiropractic and health needs. It’s worth to take the few minutes to talk to these people and find out if you are in good hands!

5. What kinds of payment plans are available?

Successful practices usually allow patients to make payments. For example, I allow both my cash- and insurance-patients to spread out their entire care, deductibles, and co-pays into low installments. This allows them to get the care they want without financial stress. Any quality practice will be able to work with you on the payments, whether or not you are covered by insurance.

6. Do you guarantee satisfaction?

According to law, any doctor cannot guarantee results. HOWEVER, you as a patient should receive a 100% guarantee of unconditional satisfaction. For example, our office offers the following satisfaction guarantee that assures you of our quality and service: “You’ll be totally satisfied with each office visit, otherwise your visit is FREE!” This shows you that we are putting our money where our mouth is. In my office, every patient knows that if s/he feels rushed, if s/he is not getting the attention s/he thinks s/he deserves, or is not completely satisfied with how s/he were treated that day, s/he will receive that chiropractic visit FREE, no strings attached! In the last fifteen years that we have implemented this policy,

I’m proud to say we have yet to have a SINGLE patient express dissatisfaction! Make sure the doctor you choose is willing to stand behind his/her care and live up to his/her policies.

7. Do you have a No-Waiting policy?

A recent patient survey revealed that what irritates patients the most is when the doctor and the staff do not respect their time and make them wait excessively in the waiting room. Most doctors claim their patients don’t have to wait excessively, but in our Aim High Chiropractic clinic, our policy is that no patient waits longer than five minutes in our reception room. If the doctor you’re talking to isn’t willing to have such a policy, they may not be as respectful of your time.

8. Do you have criteria for determining how many visits I need?

Some doctors do not have an objective method to determine how many visits are necessary to relieve your pain and to maintain your new found state of excellent health. They make subjective guesses about your initial treatment and progress. At Aim High Chiropractic, we progress examinations along the way to make sure we are on track toward your recovery. This procedure tells us exactly where we are, when we are done with the initial pain relief care, and how we are doing in maintaining the relief, so that your pain doesn’t return in the future. This method ensures that you are not receiving more visits than you actually need, and thus, saving you money in the long-run. Make sure to find out how the doctor you’re talking to measures progress, and whether or not it’s routine.

9. Will you show me ways of preventing what you are treating?

I saw a sign the other day at my dentist’s office that read, “Support your dentist, eat more candy!” Although I know he’s joking, I spend a considerable amount of time customizing simple and easy ways for you to stay healthy, no matter what caused your problem to begin with. You’ll be thrilled to find out how quick and easy it is to prevent your pain from coming back without the use of drugs or surgery. This prolongs the benefits of the care you’ve received and helps prevent you from re-injuring yourself in the future. Aim High Chiropractic strives for effective methods to heal and treat your pain and injuries naturally.

10. Do you offer free consultations?

There’s no way a doctor should expect a patient to choose him or her without first visiting the office to see if the doctors and staff are right for them. This will also give you a chance to talk to any of our patients while they are coming in and going out. Initially, I provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation to determine if I can help you and answer any questions regarding your condition or my treatment plan. Nobody in my office is going to pressure you into receiving care, if you are not completely comfortable or satisfied. This is simply a chance for you to meet us and see if our services can benefit you and your health needs. If after your free consultation, you decide you do not want to proceed with an exam or future visits, you may simply leave, no strings attached. Furthermore, if you decide you do not want to proceed with an exam or future visits, you will STILL receive your consultation, FREE OF CHARGE, and you may simple leave with no strings attached. However, if you do find that we can indeed help you, we would be more than happy to discuss the details of how we will proceed from there and welcome you to our Aim High Chiropractic family of patients and doctors!

Aside from your first FREE exam and consultation, Aim High Chiropractic also provides the following services:

  • Exceptional, friendly customer service and patient care
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Guaranteed satisfaction for every visit
  • No-Wait Policy: Promises you will never wait more than 5 minutes in waiting room
  • Quick, timely responses to patient inquiries
  • Use of multiple treatment techniques to fit your needs
  • Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, only when needed
  • Recommendations in writing
  • Custom-designed prevention techniques
  • Open Discussion and Criteria for Formulating Recommendations
  • Patient and professional references
  • Chiropractic Office Tours

Hopefully, this information will give you the confidence in taking the first step to regaining your health by experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care. Choose Aim High Chiropractic as your trusted, quality Denver chiropractic care and we’ll show you how well we take care of you!

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This page is for information and academic purposes only. It is not meant to replace nor provide any legal advice, whatsoever. Please consult a licensed professional regarding any legal matters.

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