Can We Send You a NEW Client Today? Are you able to accept up to 20 NEW Cases in 2021?

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Dear Attorneys,

Can you use more clients? If YES, we would like to refer an Auto-Injured victim to you.

Aim High Chiropractic has been helping Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) victims for over 25 years. Our three offices (in Denver, Aurora, and Wheat Ridge/Arvada) have helped thousands of MVC injured patients and at times, that includes referrals to competent attorneys like YOU.

We market heavily to MVC injured victims and that means some of our patients will need help with their case. This is where YOU will receive REFERRALS- our MVC cases are increasing and our patients are often in the need of a great attorney. Some of our current attorneys have received over 20 new clients in 2021. Because of this, some of our current attorneys are too busy to accept new clients, and this is where YOU come in. We are interested in working with a practice that is able to take on more Personal Injury clients in 2021, be able to take great care of them, and protect the rights of our patients (your future client).

If you are an attorney who can

  • see the value of chiropractic care in helping whiplash (CAD victims)
  • exceed your client’s expectations (MOST important to us)
  • have a thriving practice and
  • are interested in multiplying your new cases, we want to meet you.

Our ideal Doctor and Attorney referral relationship is one that will benefit both parties.

Please CALL us today to see how we may be assistance to you and your practice.

Please CALL us today to see how we can work together. Call our Marketing Department at (303) 922-2977.

Contact us now. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can refer to you.


Dr. C. Bui, D.C.
Dr. A. Padua, D.C.
Dr. D. Carluccio, D.C.
Dr. M. Paquette, D.C.


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Our teams of Chiropractors have a combined 35 years of experience. Continually updating our treatment protocols based on the most recent injury research allows for fast and effect outcomes. We understand our patient's quality of life is more meaningful than how many degrees of rotation they have in their neck. We work diligently to constantly update our treatment to reflect our patients’ progress. Aim High works diligently to move from the acute pain stage into the stabilization phase to create long lasting results.


In house medical evaluation and treatment reduces the stress and inconvenience to the patient and provides a more complete view of our patients' injury. Working side by side with our medical team identifies the need for advanced treatment and severity of injury to be identified as early as possible.


Aim High specifically refers all outside injury imaging to a trauma certified radiologist with our traumatic injured patients. This is of critical value to have an accurate picture of the damaged tissue. Trauma certified radiologist identify and notate timelines that can be specifically contributed to the recent injury. Aim High also evaluates each patient for joint instability and employees a state-of-the-art disability report to add certainty and medical necessity to each case.


Aim High has a full spectrum of passive and active therapeutic activities and exercises. Most Chiropractors can help with improved ROM and decreasing pain. We have the added ability to improve joint stability. Research shows a strong correlation to ligament injury being a long-term pain predictor. The ability to work with patients to stabilize their ligaments creates a high correlation to medical necessity and greatly improves outcomes.


A high percent of injuries are to the soft tissue. Soft tissue injuries occur in tissue either with or without blood supply. Nonvascular tissue damage requires specific soft tissue manipulation to heal properly without long term dysfunction.


Many patients are unable to participate in some therapies due to high pain levels from their injury. Research has shown acupuncture to be a viable therapy to reduce pain in order to get the patient to be able to handle the needed therapy. Acupuncture in now performed at many hospitals in the U.S. and even Harvard Medical has an acupuncture program.


Our goal is to return our patient to as close to their pre injury status as soon as possible. We do not cookie cut treatment plans with a standardized protocol. Each individual is properly assessed and give a specific treatment plan and re-evaluated for effectiveness.  Aim High doctors are in training each week to provide constant improvements in all areas of effective, compliant and compassionate treatment for our patients.

In our efforts to serve our patients with the highest standards, convenience of treatment and offering a complete solution to their recent trauma requires Aim High to maintain beneficial relationships with trustworthy legal advisors, Psychiatrist, Orthopedic specialist and many more community leaders. We invite you to join us with a combined effort to help our patients through this often-difficult episode in their lives.



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