Important Facts About Your Automobile Insurance and Chiropractic

Car Accident

Did you know that Aim High Chiropractic is the logical FIRST place to go following a car accident?

“Whiplash injuries are common. Chiropractic is the only proven effective treatment in chronic cases.”

-Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Did you know Aim High Chiropractic specializes in Auto Accident and Whiplash Injuries?

Did you know that Colorado is a “Mandatory Med Pay” state but most people have too little coverage?

Q and A with your local Auto Injury Expert!

"What type of Car Insurance should I carry?"

I personally carry “extra” insurance on my policy. I recommend “med-pay” of at least $10,000. I personally have $25,000 “medical payment” on my policy. This simple little add-on only cost you a little more (in many cases about$10 to $20 a month). This will cover you, your family and friends in your car if there are any injuries. I have had many patients who have to pay cash out of pocket for treatment because they did not know to get this coverage. You could end up paying thousands if you are taken to the hospital by ambulance, stay a night and get chiropractic treatment.

I also have “uninsured” and “underinsured” protection in case if someone who hits me has no insurance or very little coverage. PLEASE make sure you ask for this.

"I have health insurance, why do I need med-pay?"

Health insurance has many limits (as to what hospital you can use, what doctors you can see, what treatment you may get and how often you can get treatment). You will have to pay for co-pays and deductibles. Your health insurance will only cover you and your immediate family. Your health insurance will NOT cover other passengers in the car (like mom, dad, cousins, uncles, niece, nephews and friends!) Your med-pay covers everyone in the car and does not have the same limitations as your health insurance.

"Can I just take some drugs to feel better after a car accident?"

No, a car accident is a physical problem and requires a physical treatment like what we do here at Aim High Chiropractic. No amount of drug can realign a “crooked” or misaligned spine.

"What are some common symptoms after a car accident?"

Common complaints that I see daily in my office include: pain in the neck, back, mid-back, shoulder, arm, hand, leg, feet, jaw, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, nervousness, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, blurry vision, ear ringing and others too numerous to list here. If you have any type of health concerns please call our office right now at 303-922-2977. Thank you.

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