Can Children Benefit From Chiropractic Care?


Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood. Proper hygiene is an important key to better health.

Regular chiropractic checkups are especially beneficial as head support and natural spinal curves are established.

Sixty nine percent of children under chiropractic care report no occurrence of ear infections.

Chiropractic has shown to help children with ear infections, colic, a stronger immune system .... and much more.

Many of the problems seen in adults started at birth.  Many adult problems started with traumatic births and were ignored until the onset of obvious symptoms.  Even so-called “natural” birthing methods can put stress on a still developing spine. The irritation to the nervous system that results can be the cause of many newborn health complaints.  Colic, unexplained crying, poor appetite, breathing problems, and allergic reactions can often be traced to a nervous system dysfunction caused by a malfunctioning spine.

The birth process may be one of the most traumatic events in our lives!

Head support, followed by crawling, and baby’s first few steps should be followed by chiropractic checkups.  If neglected, the bumps and falls during this period of rapid growth may lead to serious spinal deformities later in life.  This can set the stage for scoliosis, “growing pains”, and a weakened immune system.

The vertebrae that protect the spinal cord can easily become misaligned during the normal slips and falls that occur while a child learns to walk.  Delicate nerve tissue can be damaged, lost muscle tone can weaken the important support of the spine, and disc and soft tissue can swell and become inflamed.  The body responds over time with abnormal bone growth.  There may be no pain or other obvious symptoms, yet your child’s overall health may suffer needlessly. Regular chiropractic adjustments can restore and help maintain good health.

Many of the problems seen in adults started at birth!

Chiropractic adjusting techniques are modified to fit a child size, weight, and unique spinal problems.  Chiropractic adjustments help to keep your child’s immune system strong and hence resistant to many germs that lurk in daycare centers and classrooms.  Parents often report that their children seem healthier than other kid’s their age.  Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood.  Proper spinal hygiene is an important key to better health. Do you know a child who could benefit form chiropractic care?

Children naturally enjoy their chiropractic adjustments!

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