Extend Your Life Span

A Simple Guide for Healthy Aging

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Go Outside for a Longer Life Expectancy

Life expectancy can be increased simply by going outside. Sun exposure triggers cells in your skin to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, important to combat depression, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Some estimate that 50% of adults have low levels of Vitamin D because we simply don't get outside enough.  Taking Vitamin D supplements and eating foods rich in Vitamin D are also effective ways to increase the amount of this vitamin you get.  Getting outside for 15 minutes a day and exposing your hands and face to sunlight is enough to maintain vitamin D levels in most cases.

Hang Out With Friends/Family

Life expectancy can be increased by just hanging out with your friends and family. The more connected someone is, the better their overall health. Having positive relationships with a spouse, friends, and family is the best way to be connected.

Improve Life Expectancy With Daily Exercise

Improve your life expectancy with a commitment to daily exercise.  The easiest way to create an exercise habit is through daily repetition. For life expectancy, it is more important that you exercise year after year than go through periods of intense exercise followed by no exercise.

Floss Daily for a Longer Life Expectancy

The fact that flossing daily can extend life expectancy falls in the weird-but-true category. Flossing does two things: it prevents gum disease and it prevents heart disease .  Preventing both of these together is what adds years to your life.

More Sex for a Longer Life Expectancy

Your life expectancy may be increased by having more sex.  This is good news, especially because issues around sex and aging are being taken more and more seriously by the medical community.

Be Like A Vegetarian for Your Life Expectancy

Life expectancy can be linked to three factors that vegetarians excel at fewer bad fats, more antioxidants, and lower weight. Before we go into how being a vegetarian can help your life expectancy, though, we have to define what we mean by a vegetarian.

What we mean is the person who is eating lots of vegetables prepared in healthy fats (such as olive oil) while limiting animal products, such as cheese and cream. People who eat lots of vegetables also take in lots of antioxidants.  Antioxidants help your body repair some of the damage caused by aging. The more plants you eat (and the greater variety) the more raw materials your body has to make repairs.

De-Stress for a Longer Life Expectancy

Life expectancy can be messed up by stress in two major ways. The first way is through the direct, unhealthy effects of stress on your body in the long term. The second way stress may shorten your life expectancy is through the negative behaviors that being stressed triggers. Learn to relax through de-stressing techniques, like meditation, yoga, taking time to stop and smell the roses, and practicing positive affirmations.

Stress has been linked to dozens of health conditions, including heart disease or cancer.

Extend Your Life Expectancy Through Screenings and Tests

Improving your life expectancy through medical tests and health screenings is certainly not one of the "fun ways to live longer," but it is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to add healthy years on to your life.

Medical tests and screenings can help treat diseases early, when they are more treatable, and extend life expectancy even with an illness or disease.

Turn Off Your TV for a Longer Life Expectancy

Watching TV makes you inactive.  You just sit there burning as few calories as possible, which could lead to weight problems.  TV makes you eat more junk food.  People who are watching TV eat more than those who don't.   TV keeps you from doing other things. This is the big one for me.  The average person watches something like four hours of TV every day

Avoiding Risks Increases Life Expectancy

Life expectancy can be protected by making sure that you don't take any unnecessary risks. For young people, the biggest causes of death aren't diseases or age-related problems.  The most common causes of death for young people are accidents, injuries, and violence.

Wear your seat belt, drive defensively, avoid situations that may lead to injury, avoid violent situations, don't smoke and maintain a healthy weight.

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