Frequently Asked Questions

car accident

Absolutely, Pain is one of many results of an injury. Weakness, Numbness, Fatigue, Changes in bowel or bladder function, depression, concentration problems, morning or late day stiffness and many more symptoms can indicate short term or long-term problems.

Research shows that you can have injuries that do not surface until days, weeks, months or even years after the accident. It makes sense to have a thorough chiropractic exam after ANY injury.

Yes, but medications do not solve the problem of damaged soft tissue, joint dysfunction or nerve damage from bone on nerve pressure. A car accident is a physical problem and requires a physical treatment like what we do at Aim High Chiropractic. No amount of drug/ medicine/ medication can realign a “crooked” or misaligned spine.

Our goal is to be your 1 stop shop. Exam, x-rays, orthopedic, neurological, muscle, and joint test can be performed. Some therapies to relief your pain might be considered on your first visit. We will coordinate treatment in our office between our chiropractor, medical staff, massage therapist, acupuncturist and therapy assistants. After studying your case, our doctor will tell you the results of your X-rays, treatment recommendation and give you the first adjustment on your second visit.

If there is a need, we can also ask a legal adviser to meet you to discuss your rights. Insurance adjusters are also welcome to use our meeting rooms in order to improve your convenience. 

That depends on your condition. Our doctor will only take X-rays if he/she absolutely needs to. If you have x-rays or MRI please bring them with you or we can order them with your permission. 

Yes, scheduling is available on the day you call.

Absolutely yes. The FREE consultation can be the phone conversation and/or in-office visit with our doctor. Our doctors can sit down with you and help you decide how severe your injury is and, in some cases, we can give you a prognosis or a time line for getting you back to your pre injured condition.

Experience, Results and access to many types of treatment. Sometimes we need to adjust you to increase joint motion, but other times we need to stabilize your joints or work on soft tissues. We have over 23 years of experience treating Motor vehicle collisions.

In some cases, we can make this work, but we see the best results when 1 single doctor can manage your case. This will help your doctor best track your progress.

Depending on what type of treatment you need. The treatments can range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. But our average office visit time is 20 to 25 minutes to walk out our door feeling much better than when you walked in. 


After the law changed in 2003, the minimal insurance is dangerous! I recommend medical payment coverage of at least $10,000. I personally have $25,000 “medical payment” on my policy. This simple little add-on only cost you a little more (in many cases about $10-$20 a month). This will cover you, your family and friends in your car if there are any injuries. I have had many patients who have to pay cash out of pocket for treatment because they did not know to get this coverage. You could end up paying thousands if you get taken to the hospital by ambulance, stay a night and get chiropractic treatment. I also have “uninsured” and “underinsured” protection in case if someone who hits me has no insurance or very little coverage. PLEASE make sure you ask for this also.

Health insurance has many limits (as to what hospital you can use, what doctors you can see, what treatment you may get and how often you can get treatment). You will have to pay for co-pays and deductibles. Your health insurance will only cover you and your immediate family. Your health insurance will not cover other passengers in the car (like mom, dad, cousins, uncles, niece, nephews and friends!) Your “med-pay” covers everyone in the car and does not have the same limitations as your health insurance.

We accepted MOST of the insurances (auto insurance, health insurance, medicare). We don't take Medicaid. Depending on your plan, it may or may not cover your care though. We can help you with verifying your coverage if you want.


  • Try to stay calm
  • Make sure you immediately attend to your injuries: If anyone is injured call for help immediately
  • Report the accident:  Call the police if there is significant property damage, your car is not drivable, or you suspect the other driver is guilty of a crime (ex. drunk driving). Discuss the accident only with the police. Notify your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Schedule an exam with an Aim High Chiropractic doctor within 24 hours of a fall, accident, or injury:  It’s incredible, but true – if you fail to get a doctor’s statement of your injuries within 24 hours, it’s possible the insurance company could doubt or challenge the seriousness of your injury!
  • Hire a lawyer who works closely with Aim High Chiropractic: Many people involved in an accident never consult with a knowledgeable attorney.  This is a major mistake. Since most skilled personal injury attorneys will not charge a fee for your initial consultation, you have every reason to get advice. Call our office, and we’ll be happy to refer you to excellent, ethical, and skilled professionals.


  • Do not miss your chiropractic appointments: Missing your chiropractic visits may create the impressions that:
  • Your injuries are not serious
  • You don’t want to get well – a fact the insurance companies and lawyers will prey on
  • You may be accused of making your injuries worse by failing to keep your appointments.
  • Do not sign any documents without consulting Aim High Chiropractic: Many insurance companies want you to sign a release, or a check. Why? To close your case so you can’t get everything you may be entitled to. Here’s a little secret that all insurance companies understand – but few auto accident victims understand: You can only settle a case one time, and only one time.  You can’t go back and ask for more later, even if you’re still hurt, get worse (which often happens to injuries left untreated), or learn new important information that strengthens your case.  Never sign anything without your lawyer’s advice.
  • Do not allow the other side to review your medical records without consulting your lawyer: It’s our policy at the Auto Accident and Injury Center to release records only with our patient’s written permission. We also understand auto accident victims are often misled so we take every step to help our patients and guide them to making the right decisions and choices.  While we do not give legal advice, we can refer you to a competent, skilled attorney, that we can work closely with.

One last thing – This is important: To be in an accident and to experience an injury is a traumatic experience. Many people think it can never happen to them. Others are lucky enough to avoid such an event during their lives. But most people get into accidents or have injuries at one time or another. Our clinic is here to help people get well. However, I recognize that rich insurance companies hire lawyers, investigators and expert witnesses. Most individuals lack such resources – and the other side knows it! This checklist provides information that will help you fight back and stay in control.

Please bring any insurance information you have (your insurance and the other party’s…), police report (or police information exchange with your case number) & any other document related to your accident. It is expected to spend about 45 minutes to an hour with us to complete the paperwork and the initial doctor visit.

It is important to have your injuries documented BEFORE you visit an attorney. Our office can document your injury first before you see an attorney. We will also recommend some good attorneys that specialize in car accidents.

“Med Pay” is short for medical payment coverage. It is an add on to your car insurance policy. At this time there is a mandatory “med-pay” law. This means you will have “med-pay” unless you sign a statement that says you do not want “med-pay”.

No. “Med-pay” will help cover any medical and chiropractic care after a car accident so this is a must. From our experience, it’s a mistake to opt-out of med pay coverage. 

Yes, we do take liens. This applies to auto injury patients (not self-pay or group patients).

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