January Safe Driving Guide

January Safe Driving Guide
Before Driving - Get the MED-Pay on your insurance policy!
  • Buckle Up - Make sure EVERYONE is strapped in nice and tight. Do not forget your kids. Have the appropriate car seats or boosters for children.
  • Rest UP - make sure your head rest is up high on your head. Ideally, the head rest needs to be at the level of your head.
  • Just say, "No."- No drugs, alcohol or texting while driving.
  • Mirror, mirror - orient your rear view mirrors so there is limited overlap. From the driver's seat, you should NOT be able to see the sides of your car, in the side-view mirrors. Ask an Aim High employee to check your mirrors for you!

While Driving

  • Back up - Keep your face as far away from your steering wheel as possible. The air bag deploys with an explosion, and can cause injury or fatality.
  • No Tail Gating - stay a safe distance from the car in front of you. At least one car length, for every 10 miles/hour of speed. Also stop your car at a distance from the one in front- enough to see the bottom of the tires, of the care in front.

Winter Driving

  • Slow and Steady - take your time, and stay even further away from the car in front. Brake slowly and gently.
  • The Right Stuff - make sure you have tires with the proper traction. Replace any old, worn out tires. Carry chains if you are headed into the mountains.
  • Incoming! - Right before a crash, look straight forward and push your head into the head restraint. This will reduce your risk of whiplash.
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