Comprehensive Lab Testing

comprehensive lab testing

Laboratory testing is of great value when evaluating a patient. The results can confirm a diagnosis, estimate disease severity, aid in assessing prognosis and are useful to follow disease activity. With a simple blood draw we can look for different markers that can help pinpointing the root cause of health problems. Some of the components of the laboratory exam include complete blood count with differential, comprehensive metabolic panel, inflammatory markers,hormones, cardiovascular panel, connective tissue, food intolerances, tumor markers, diabetes panel among others. Comprehensive laboratory testing in conjunction with a thorough functional medicine clinical evaluation provides a better understanding of a patient's disease in DenverAurora, and Wheat Ridge. Testing will find aberrations in serum levels of specific organ enzymes or abnormalities in metabolic processes.

Comprehensive Lab Testing at Aim High Chiropractic

For example with the CBC with Differential we can see if there is an infection in the body...with a comprehensive metabolic panel we can look at the health of your liver...connective tissue we would be able to see if you have any rheumatological issue...and so much more.

At Aim High we offer very comprehensive blood testing so we can investigate, find the cause, how we can help you, and work as a team with you and the rest of your providers to ensure that your body heals in a natural, noninvasive way and work how it is supposed to do. Even better to make it easier for you we do the blood draws in our office, once we received the results our Functional Medicine health care provider will evaluate and discuss them in detail with you, plus work a customized plan just for you.

We work with most insurances and also have affordable cash plans. High quality lab service, and with a quick turnaround time. Don’t live wondering, having doubts of what is going on in your body. Contact the functional medicine team at Aim High Chiropractic today and take control of your health!

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