Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Spine?


Maintaining anything provides longer life AND better function with minimal problems.

Maintaining your spine could be one of your most significant health investments you could make, since 8 out of 10 people will at some point suffer from back or neck pain.

Maintenance is more cost effective than correcting problems.

Maintaining your spine is not only smart for your health, it is cost effective. Symptoms are not the gauge for subluxation correction. If subluxations are not corrected, you will be merely managing a problem rather than maintaining correction.

Fundamentally, if you neglect anything that requires maintenance it will develop a problem. Problems develop silently until enough damage occurs to trigger a symptom or crisis.  Unfortunately, the crisis or symptom may not occur until significant or even permanent damage has occurred.

Take your car as an example. If you never open the hood of your car to maintain the engine, what would happen?  A problem would develop of course.  It would continue to develop until the crisis and symptoms occurred. In cars, we have warning lights that tell us when we have a problem so we can correct them before a crisis and symptom occur.  In the human body, there are no warning lights.  Problems develop silently until enough damage accumulates to fire off a symptom.

Heart disease is another good example.  Eating high fat food over time is known to clog arteries.  This problem is called a heart disease.  You do not feel the heart disease.  You feel the heart attack when enough of the heart disease has accumulated.  The heart is the symptom or effect of heart disease in a crisis stage.

The symptom is the effect of the problem that accumulated over time.

Many people go to a chiropractor to correct their back problem (subluxation) yet some do not maintain the corrected spine.  That is like never opening the hood of you car again after you had to rebuild the engine because you did not maintain it to begin with!

Start spinal maintenance with your children and maintain your spine throughout your life, so you can insure more optimum function and health potential.  Your future will be spent doing the things you love to do rather than battling damage and degeneration.

Maintenance for your spine is 1-4/month

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