MD's on Chiropractic

Why try a Functional Medicine Practitioner

“Chiropractors are obtaining results that I could not have obtained with medicine and surgery”

- F.C. Rutherford, M.D.

“If the question were put to me now, and I had to decide between the two, in this way, ‘Will you give up chiropractic?’ with the statement that I could not be allowed to use the two but must choose between, I would immediately say without any reservation whatever, ‘chiropractic for me!’

- A.B. Hender, M.D.

"The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structure of the human body. (Gray's Anatomy, 29th Ed; page 4) Misalignment of spinal vertebrae and discs may cause irritation to the nervous system which could affect the structures, organs, and functions.

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