Chiropractic Testimonials

"Everything is good! Every day I have seen better results. Highly recommended, excellent bedside manner, and I was seen right away!"

- Dan C.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for treating me yesterday! I am usually afraid of needles but after spending some time with you I felt at ease and no longer worried. When we started my pain was at a 9 and my fibro fog was out of control. After treatment my pain was down to a 4, I felt clear, and so much more relaxed! I'm so glad I did this treatment in spite of my skepticism of acupuncture! Thank you again!"

- Jodi F.

"I went to AIM because I used them in the past.  There were two new chiropractors.  I leaned toward Dr. Evan.  I enjoyed his techniques.

When I started I protected my back and was very tense.  After a few months and two massages later, I could brush my teeth and sit in a chair again.  I got back into the gym and back to lifting weight again.  I believe I will have to go in for routine adjustments.  I also liked that everyone was trained in every aspect of the office."

- Mickey M.

"I came into Aim High after I was involved in a car accident and was feeling some pain in my back.  Since I started going, I have always felt welcomed and all the staff has been very friendly.  I like that they were able to always work around my busy schedule and find times that worked for both of us.  The treatments I received also helped me get back to how I was with no pain.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs treatment."

- Adrian U.

"Cuando yo commenze del tratamiento yo sentia dolor en el cuello y la parte de abajo de la aspalda con el transcurso el tiempo me siento mejor.

Gracias a todas las personas que me atendieron tunto con los doctors.  Recibe una atencion Buena y aprendi cosas nuevas.  Gracias a todos."

- Guillermo C.

"On my very first visit everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  They cared about my health and ensured me that they were here to help me.  They are very professional and always answer any questions I have.  I feel a lot better than I did on my first few visits."

- Nohely C.

"I came in to get my body right from my car accident.  Everyone here is super nice and friendly.   I definitely feel a lot better now than before I got here."

- Juan V.

"This is the best team!  No problem with the service, everything was great here, thank you."

- Timothy S.

"First and foremost, Maria is wonderful.  I’ve been coming to the office since the beginning of the year an I was very nervous at first.  Her very outgoing and quirky personality definitely makes me feel more at ease and welcome.  She is always patient with me during therapy when I’m feeling more stiff/sore than normal and it takes me longer than normal to get up from the table, she offer help when I need the extra hand to stand.

I also love that she laughs at the old lady jokes I make about myself when ‘m slow, it makes the visit more personable and I don’t feel like I’m just the next patient on the list to be seen.  I thoroughly enjoy that Maria brings a positivity to my appointments that really has made a difference in my whole experience coming to Aim High.  I’ve always dreaded doctors’ offices and hated the stiffness of the atmosphere in most of them.  I’m glad Maria changed my outlook on that by being so wonderful and patient with me."

- Amber S.

"I was real happy with the care they provided and made my body feel good, almost like a new body.  They made me back to a normal life again.  I will tell all my friend and referring them to Aim High Chiropractic."

- Lorraine M.

"I was in a car accident and my fried referred me to AHC for physical therapy.  I felt much better. Tôi bị tai nạn xe hơi và tôi đã giới thiệu tôi đến AHC để vật lý trị liệu. Tôi cảm thấy tốt hơn nhiều."

- Coang V.

"Once I came for the chiropractic by auto accident.  I felt severe pain in my entire neck and waist.  Perhaps because the shock of the accident.  Gradually, I felt my sitting and walking posture changed.  I went to massage for a month after accident."

- Songen X.

"They're on Federal, just north of Alameda, but I used Aim High Chiropractic after an accident recently (after my chiro retired) and they were excellent! I've gone to chiropractors since I was 16, and they rank right up there with the best. Dr. Hembree is the main Dr. there and he's very chill and friendly."

- Michelle A.

"Aim High Chiropractic-Denver is affordable and offers wellness packages."

- Kelly H.

"Mi experiencia fue muy agradable. Desde el primer día me tratan muy bien y con mucho cuidado. Desde que llegué aquí, me sentí muy mal porque tuve un accidente. pero como estaba recibiendo mi tratamiento, me sentí mucho mejor y me siento mucho más seguro con el personal. Gracias a todos por cuidarme y hacer un gran trabajo. Dios te bendiga"

- Sanjuana A.

"I am a husband of Cham Vu and we have been treated very excellently. So I would like to introduce a friend to come here so they can feel better and healthy. Thank you."

- Loc Truong

"I am a patient here and they treated me real well. We'll hopefully come back for wellness care. Thank you."

- Cham Vu

"A todo el equipo de Aim High Chiropractic quiero agradecerles por su atencion, son excelentes en su trabajo. Yo sufria de dolor de cabeza y espalda baja desde mi segundo parto, y ahora me siento muy bien. Ambos dolores han desparecido. Tambien note que me ayudo mucho en mi postura.

Totalmente agradecida y 100% recomendados. ¡Gracias!"

- Bianka Leal

"I had come in with a ton of neck, shoulder, and back pain. Dr. Alvin's treatment and recommended exercises were very helpful in healing my spine (root cause) quickly and efficiently.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Caesar, Kendra, and Alba are the best. (Kendra is my fave despite the fact that she is a Raiders' fan). I have been pain-free ever since I started the treatments and could not be more thankful for this office.

I would totally recommend this office to my friends and family for both treatment and customer service."

- Joseph Ngai

"I was scheduled for a spinal fusion April 8th of this year. This would have been my 3rd surgery in the lower back. The surgery was postponed due to Covid-19, however, my surgeon recommended that I see Dr. Paul Burns for non-surgical decompression as a means of managing the pain and disability until he could re-schedule the surgery. I was skeptical but in so much pain I would do anything to get relief. After reviewing my MRI and talking with my surgeon, Dr. Burns set me up for lumbar decompression at the Aim High DTC office. I was surprised to experience some pain relief after just the initial visit but even more excited to experience complete pain relief by the middle of the following week. It is important to note that I have been dealing with one back issue or another since playing college football some 33 years ago. It appears each time I repaired one area of my back within a couple of years the problem would just pop up above or below the level we just repaired. Dr Burns explained that in addition to decompressing the disc through axial or non-surgical decompression the treatment would also be breaking up scar tissue and adhesions from previous surgeries and injuries. My surgery was rescheduled to the middle of June; however, a new MRI demonstrates that I can put that off indefinitely. I will be seeing Dr. Burns for "tune ups" about once a month for the next 4-6 months and then once every three months for the foreseeable future. Both my surgeon and Dr. Burns believe that I can put this surgery off indefinitely if I stick to the program. My surgeon was so impressed he referred two more patients that he was hesitant to do surgery on."

- Stephen F.

"Aim High Chiropractic has helped me recover from two accidents. They have always accommodated my needs with my schedule, listened to my concerns and have made me feel better every time."

- Mayra Z.

Boxing Champ Giving Back Pain The KO At Aim High

Patient Testimonial at Aim High Chiropractic

Within One Week I Felt Completely Different

"I was in a car accident in November and was recommended to Aim High. Within one week I felt completely different. Within one onth I started regaining my normal motions again. Thanks Aim High"

- Persell N.

"Estoy hacistiendo avisitas en esta clinica y me estoy sintien do mejor tengo un problema de espolda baja y si estoy sentiendo mejorial y yo si recomendaria esta clinica"

- Israel C.

I Look Forward To Their Cheerful Greetings

"My name is Joy and I highly recommend Aim High. The staff is friendly and fun while still being professional. I look forward to their cheerful greetings. I've seen many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Alexa is the best. She taylors her adjustments to help more effectively than any other chiropractor I've been treated by. It makes a big difference. My pain has been reduced dramatically with the adjustments and with massages from David. He has an awesome instinct of what is needed and where. I float out of my appointments. I have a bit longer to go before I am fully healed from the car accident but the folks at Aim High make it as easy and pleasant as possible"

- Joy O.

After Each Visit, I Am Feeling 110%!

"I started at Aim High in Denver in May, 2019. I'm an avid runner and was struggling with knee issues. Previous chiropractors could not find the issue and resolve it. After my first visit here, I instantly had relief. It took 2-3 more visits for the issue to completely go away. After each visit, I am feeling 110%! I plan on staying a client for many, many more years to come! Great staff and customer service."

- Kayla Carpenter

Thanks To Them And Their Great Team!

"My name is Alicia Orozco Lipo and I am very happy to share and recommend Aim High for chiropractic care since I came here after a car accident and was using the assistance of crutches and after receiving care with them I am now able to walk better on my own and feel a lot better. Thanks to them and their great team."

- Alicia O.

Top Notch Treatment!

"The treatment & care I have received has been top notch! The staff are always great & wonderful and I love that they laugh at my stupid jokes and they put up with me. They truly have gone way over what is called for! I have seen many chiropractors before and never have really felt I was listened to or felt relief until coming here!"

- Morgan M.

Our body is our temple and no one knows this better than fitness competitors. After a visit to Aim High Chiropractic, fitness champ, Alexandra Martinez has this to say, "Finally gave it a go and I'm feeling 110% better! If you have any pain or discomfort I highly recommend visiting Aim High!"

So if you have been injured, have pain or been involved in a recent car accident, auto injury please contact our office today. We have locations in Denver, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Sloan's Lake, Edgewater and Aurora to serve you! Thank you.

NFL Great “wakes up in the morning ready to go!”

“I have had many injuries related to my football career. As the years go by the pain and stiffness caused by those years have built up. Aim High Chiropractic helped me feel much better. Instead of struggling with old injuries, I wake up in the morning ready to go. Aim High’s wellness program has helped educate me about my health and improve my quality of life.”

- K. Mecklenburg, former Denver Broncos captain, three Super Bowl appearances and considered the NFL’s most versatile player.

To learn more about Mecklenburg Motivation, or request a promotional computer disk, please contact Karl at or call Mecklenburg Motivation at (720) 379-5317


Daniel Herzog

Hello my friends. I want you to know that you can get the same great care as professional athletes right here. Listen, you don't have to enter the cage and fight for a living like I do to get world class chiropractic, you just have to hit up my friends at Aim High Chiropractic. As a professional MMA fighter, I have learned to grapple, strike and take-down my opponents. But after taking all the abuse of daily training and years of competition, the other thing I learned is that I need a strong and healthy body to do so and chiropractic care keeps me in the fight longer. So come to Aim High Chiropractic, they will take care of your body and help educate you on how to live a healthier, longer and pain-free life.

- Diego Herzog - Bellator MMA Fighter, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Champion, Head BJJ Coach at World Team USA, KOA Fitness and Morgan Hill BJJ Club

Professional MMA Fighter Stays in the Fight With Aim High Chiropractic!

As a professional fighter my body takes a lot of abuse. Daily training in striking, grappling and conditioning is enough to make most people “tap out.” Not me, I have a dream to become better and greater than I was yesterday so I persevere and push both my mind and body to the breaking point almost daily.

Lucky for me I have the best in my corner. I rely on teachers, trainers and thankfully, Aim High Chiropractic to perform and compete at my best.

With chiropractic care I notice I heal faster, I perform better and more importantly chiropractic adjustments help prevent injuries during training and competition.

Thanks to Aim High for taking care of my body!

- Marcel Fortuna, MMA Champion, BJJ World and Pan Am Champion

52 year old start racing after chiropractic care

“For many years, I have had trouble with my back and had to reduce my activities. I started care at this office about 2 years ago and my backs the BEST it has been in over 20 years! In fact, it has felt so good that I started riding and racing motorcycles at the age of 52. Last year, I rode 10-15 hours a week and I take my share of falls. However, with chiropractic care at 3-4 times a month, I have been able to ride and race nearly pain-free. Because I felt so good, I have been able to practice a lot resulting in a 3rd place last week against 28 other competitors!”

- Richard Doyle

My Whole Family Comes Here

The Doctors here are great! They really care, and I can trust them with my whole family.”

- C. Stroup, M.D., Denver

I Have Never Felt as Fabulous as I Do Now!

“I have been seeing Dr. Bui regularly for the past several months and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I have been to other chiropractors in the past but I have never made as much progress and felt as fabulous as I do now. Dr. Bui is the nicest and most caring doctor I have had the good fortune to meet, and I really appreciate the fact that he works so hard to educate his patients about their bodies, spines, nervous systems, and overall health. I plan on continuing with my chiropractic and monthly maintenance as a life-long approach to my good health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Bui.”

- T. Hircock, Denver

I Maintain my Spine Twice a Month

“I fell down a flight of twenty stairs. I suffered from neck and lower back pain. I couldn’t sit for long periods of time and I had problems sleeping at night. I have been getting treatment from Dr. Bui and I feel much better now. No neck pain, no back pain, and I am still maintaining my spine twice a month. Thank you Dr. Bui for making me feel much better.”

- E. Olivares, Denver

I’m Tired of Taking Pills

“For 20 years I went to bed with pain and got up with pain. [I had pain all over my body] and real bad headaches. I have been to several doctors and they would all give me pain pills. I would take 15 pills a day, seven days a week. …After one week of treatment here, for the first time in 20 years, I have no pain whatsoever. …Now I feel like a new person.”

- R. Hunt, Carpenter, Jefferson

Agonizing Pain Cured

“I first met the doctor here ten agonizing months after my car accident. This was the third doctor that I had seen for my back pain. The other two doctors had me convinced that I had severe arthritis and that nothing could relieve my pain except mega doses of pain killers. My life for the ten months after my accident was unrecognizable. I could barely lift anything over ten pounds and it was heart breaking that I could not carry my newborn baby. It took about two weeks from the time I started treatment for my life to return to normal. It’s a miracle! My pain is gone and it disappeared without drugs. If you are unsure whether or not to make an appointment, remember this: Life is too short to hurt.”

- Shielah Davis, Denver, CO

Fibromyalgia Cured!

“I was down and suffering from many flare-ups of Fibromyalgia, which caused me to stop doing a lot of things like house work and playing with my son. The pain and fatigue was so great that I truly felt helpless.

I started going to Aim High Chiropractic and within 3 weeks I felt great! I started at 3 times per week for a while, then 2 times a week. Now, I come in once a week.

I can do all things I need and want to do, especially playing with my son! Within a short period of time, my life has been revitalized.”

- Carol Morales

Relief after a severe auto accident

“I had a severe car accident about 3 months ago. After that, I felt terrible, tired, and had headaches, low back and neck pain. I lost my appetite and had a hard time sleeping at night. I could only work 2 days a week. The chores at home made it worse. I went to a different chiropractor and it did not help.

A friend told me to come here and give it a try. I thought that all chiropractors were the same but I gave this one a try because I was desperate. The doctor here was so nice and cared a lot about my health. In less than one month I started to feel better! My headaches are all gone and I can take care of my family again. I am so thankful to this office. I thought that I might have to suffer my entire life time.”

- Hoa Nguyen

One time skeptic, now life-long patient!

“I was suffering from pain in my back and left leg. I went to many, many medical doctors. They took x-rays, but said that nothing was wrong. But I was in so much pain. I felt the sharp pain and burning sensation in my leg. The pain gradually grew worse and the entire year passed. At this point, I could no longer walk on my left leg. I could not work and I was not enjoying life at all.

Finally, someone referred me here. I was not familiar with chiropractors and was hesitant and not sure it would help. But I was in so much pain, that I gave it a try. The doctor here also took x-rays but instead of saying nothing’s wrong, he said, “I can help you.” I had bones out of place in my low back which was pressing against my sciatic nerve causing the shooting pain down my leg. The adjustments got rid of ALL my pains!”

- Samuel Rameriz

Car Accident Relief

“When I had a car accident, I chose Aim High Chiropractic. The results were excellent, and now I refer friends, family and clients to them.”

- C. Mercer, Attorney-At-Law, Denver

“I have been healthier, have no headaches, and I no longer take allergy medicine – not to mention my back pain is completely gone.”

- Michael Swartz

“I have been seeing Dr. Bui regularly for the past several months and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I have been to other chiropractors in the past but I have never made as much progress and felt as fabulous as I do now. Dr. Bui is the nicest and most caring doctor I have had the good fortune to meet, and I really appreciate the fact that he works so hard to educate his patients about their bodies, spines, nervous systems, and overall health. I plan on continuing with my chiropractic and monthly maintenance as a life-long approach to my good health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Bui.”

- T. Hircock, Denver

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