What is Health?

chiropractic care for a healthy spine

Health is a state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Health can be achieved and maintained when your emphasis shifts towards creating optimum function, not simply removing symptoms.

Health is something you are given at birth and it should be maintained throughout your lifetime.

Many people think health is having no symptoms.  This is NOT the case. For example, the first symptom of heart disease, for 40% of those who suffer from it is a severe or fatal heart attack.  Currently, society’s emphasis is on the removal of symptoms. It is more important to focus on creating an environment in which your body can function as close to 100% as possible.

Health can be achieve and maintained when your emphasis shifts towards creating optimum function, not simply removing symptoms.

You were born with a genetic health potential.  If we understand what can interfere with that potential, you can avoid such interferences and keep your health at its highest level. To understand how to obtain your highest optimum health potential, we first have to know what the essentials of health are.

In terms of basic physiological essentials for survival we can name four: food, water, oxygen, and nerve impulses.  What makes these essential is that if any of them were to stop, you would die. If any of them were interfered with, your health would not be at its optimum potential.

You can live without food and water for a few days and without oxygen for a few minutes. How long can you live without nerve pulse? The answer is, you cannot live a moment without nerve and brain impulses.  If we cut the nerve to your heart, would you die? How about your lungs, arms and the rest of your body?  What if you just interfered with normal nerve transmission? Would these organs and tissue function at their optimum potential?

Research has shown that it only takes about 10mmHg of pressure (less than the weight of a dime) on a nerve to cause a disruption in its normal nerve impulse.  This disruption causes abnormal function of the organ, tissue, or cell that has the disrupted nerve supply running to it.  Over time, if not corrected, symptoms will eventually show up.

One of the major causes of nerve interference is a misalignment of the spine (subluxation). Subluxations can interfere with your nerves, spinal cord and reflex nerve pathways resulting in abnormal function and a lower health potential.  If your spine is subluxated you cannot be at your optimum health potential

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